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Space River




2019 - 2020


Singapore, Hamburg


Media Artist 


Space River is an international urban media art project that transforms the architectural space and façade of the Elbphilharmonie Concert Hall Hamburg into a giant digital canvas.

An audiovisual journey, Space River is inspired by the concert festival Seidenstraße (silk road), focusing on Maritime Silk routes traveling from China, East Asia to Europe. The artwork weaves together abstract impressions of the water routes, the idea of space, and intangible heritages embodied by blue porcelain. The resulting artworks spurred global connectiveness with simultaneous premieres in Singapore, Hamburg, and the UK.

This was my Final Year undergraduate thesis which took about 8 months. The opportunity arose to be challenged and create content for the media wall. I saw this as a chance to use it as a sizeable giant canvas because of my love for painting. I thoroughly enjoyed this process and spent a good amount of time learning something new (AfterEffects plugin Trapcode) and delving deeper into creating media art for urban screens. *videos best viewed on desktop

Scan1 small.jpg
MAN2 (0-02-16-19).jpg
MAN2 (0-00-32-44).jpg
Scan2 small.jpg

These two paintings on the left were the foundation of the digital art ideas that were brought to life in Space River. It was created by an acrylic pour method, scanned over 300 dpi and was used as the patterns in several scenes of Space River. 

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